A Constructed World: How to be in a group / One monkey don't stop no show

Saturday, October 23


You are invited to a class at The Public School this weekend:


How to be in a group

facilitated by Geoff Lowe from A Constructed World

Saturday at 5pm



Afterwards, we'll have a small opening reception for the new

show at Distributed Gallery:


A Constructed World


One monkey don't stop no show

opening at 7pm

A Constructed World, Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva, say the reason they began working together was to overcome the cultural loneliness of working as an isolated artist. They have been using not-knowing, uncertainty, absences. text and speech, in the company of others, to make a civic work of collection. These attitudes are reflected in events and performative works that include people from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. A Constructed World's is a shapeshifting practice that is organized from Paris where they live.