Beatriz Santiago Muñoz at the Distributed Gallery

June 7 to August 7, 2010

Telic is excited to be exhibiting Archivo (2001) by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz at the Distributed Gallery this summer.

"A series of re‐enacted historical events with social and political significance in Puerto Rico are performed and improvised by various non-actors. The videos were shot in a very improvised way, without rehearsing or deciding beforehand in which way the body would fall or who would play whom. Various groups and individuals improvise performances of the death of a notorious killer, or the squatter-police confrontation that took place in Vila Sin Miedo. In each case, there is something trivial or significant that ties the person to the memory. In the case of Villa Sin Miedo, it is the first generation that grew up in Villa Sin Miedo who performs the event from what they have been told by their parents. In other cases, passerby, or people engaged with the place in various ways improvise a performance of the event."


Bicicleta at Ooga Booga


Ebanistas at The Public School


Hipodromo at Via Cafe


Escambron at Fong's


Beatriz Santiago Muñoz was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1972, where she continues to live and work.