Continental Drift / Control Society / Metamorphosis

February 27-28



On the weekend before the March 4th state-wide UC strike, we invite you to participate in a two-day theory convergence, a “Continental Drift” seminar with the Paris-based theorist, Brian Holmes. Past Drifts has taken a variety of forms in its manifestations at 16 Beaver (2004-2006) in New York, or through the Midwest’s radical culture corridor (2008); and here in Los Angeles it will confront a California whose infrastructure is crumbling, whose government is disfunctional, and whose public education is in crisis from the space of an autonomous education alternative.


Although this Continental Drift is situated here, in a time of occupations and walkouts, it will connect the changes occurring at our universities to the emergence of a neoliberal control society over the past few decades.


The structure of the weekend will be two-days in four parts. Most parts will be structured as participatory conversations, guided by an interlocutor; togetherwe will explore these themes.


On the first day, we try to understand the massive economic and psychological shifts that have occurred since the end of the 1960’s.


And on the second day, we will locate possible territories for resistance, autonomy, or invention. Continuing in the spirit of our collective conversations so far, we are leaving the lecture-Q&A format aside for themed discussions. 


Text resources associated with these discussions are being posted to AAAARG.ORG


day 1.  saturday, february 27

control society


12 pm: disassociation (psychological effects/desire)

facilitators: Liz Glynn and Marc Herbst


2 pm: financialization & the UC crisis 

facilitators: Aaron Benanav and Zen Dochterman


4 pm occupation/ collective speech 

facilitators: Cara Baldwin, Nathan Brown, Maya Gonzalez, Evan Calder Williams


7 pm: discussion day one

facilitators: Brian Holmes, introduced by Solomon Bothwell




day 2. sunday, february 28



12pm: Autonomous Space

facilitators: Hector Gallegos, Robby Herbst


2 pm: Precarity

facilitators: Christina Ulke, Sean Dockray


4 pm: Changing Classes

Brian Holmes Lecture


7pm: Sharable Territories/ Bifurcation

facilitators: Jason Smith, Ava Bromberg




Organized by Zen Doctherman, Cara Baldwin, Jason Smith, Sean Dockray, Liz Glynn, Solomon Bothwell, Christina Ulke, Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst