Facs of Life screening on Sunday, February 21

Sunday, February 21 at 7pm

On Sunday, February 21, we are lucky to have Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson visiting us from Paris to screen their 2009 film, Facs of Life.  The screening will begin at 7pm, but we invite you to come earlier for a conversation with Silvia and Graeme.

Facs of Life departs from Gilles Deleuze's Vicennes seminar of 1975-1976 and follows several individuals who participated there as students.  In the words of the filmmakers, it "is a film of conceptual/poetic dispositifs that charts trajectories of those affected by Gilles Deleuze’s laboratory of machinic thought at the  Centre Expérimental Universitaire de Paris 8 – Vincennes (1969-1980).  The film generates its lignes d’erre and its cinematographic territories from a series of encounters: with videos of  Deleuze’s courses at Vincennes made by a group of militant cineastes; with several of those who attended the seminar and who appear in these images; with the woods of Vincennes where the university buildings (pulled down in 1980) once stood; with students of the new Paris 8 university at St Denis; and inevitably with the phantoms of revolution that continue to haunt our desires."

A trailer can be found here: