FUDP X on Saturday

Saturday, January 30, 2010 from 5-8pm


We are hosting the tenth Fucked Up Drawing Party on Saturday evening, between 5 and 8pm. It will be guided, as usual, by Nathan Danilowicz and Daniel Gaines. Drawings from the party will be on exhibit at our space for the next week or so.



The purpose of a Fucked Up Drawing Party is to get fucked up (i.e. intoxicated) and draw things that are fucked up (i.e. disturbing). What constitutes a Fucked Up Drawing is different for everyone. Some people discover the Fucked Up in aberrant sexuality or perverse violence, for others it may be politically charged. Styles range from abstract mark making to soft-core realism- being eccentrically overt or delicately subtle. The ultimate test is that when you look at a drawing, you think to yourself, "that's fucked up."


Fucked Up Drawing Parties are for everyone, including "non-artists." No one is pressured to make a "good" drawing in the conventional sense, meaning: perspective, accurate anatomy, composition, chiaroscuro, crosshatching.. such skills are not required. Collaboration is encouraged, especially between "artists" and "non-artists." The resulting collective momentum ensures that each individual has a network of creative support. With this momentum, Fucked Up Drawing Parties can happen anywhere.. the alley, the foyer, or Texarkana. And while these events are considered "parties," production of drawings is essential.. and of course getting fucked up.


Ideally, the Fucked Up Drawing Parties create a space where all types of people can gather and feel free to indulge their deepest, darkest, most inappropriate fantasies with out fear of castigation. This creation of abject imagery, and our exposure to it, disrupts the hegemonic flow of mass media. The affects of a Fucked Up Drawing Party can be seen in the residue of drawing and inebriation the morning after. To exit a Fucked Up Drawing Party is to embark on a walk, not of shame, but of revitalization towards your freshly fucked up life.